Sunday, 14 October 2012

16 Sasha Grey YouTube comments

Pt1 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra. comments (Nonprofit

i am Greek and i am ashamed that this whore is from my country and she is so famous in the porn industry, disgusting girl how can she possible enjoy doing this so young where are her morals, i really hate porn stars especially teenage girls, i dont respect what they are doing.. they are even worse that prostitutes, at least prostitutes do in private but porn stars do it in front the whole world what kinda guy would want u after, ur reputation is ruined for life
Aphrodite GGreece 1 week ago

50 Shades of Sasha Grey: How She Got into Porn & More

Depends on what you define as art. I went to an art show once, saw some random shit piled into corners and some dude spewing bullshit about it. Sold it for alot to. 
jimmyhoffa9 in reply to balancebalance 1 hour ago

Sasha Grey Interview: Uncut, Uncensored and on the Couch

Why don't you just fuck off and go kill yourself so you can meet you fucking god?
alb673 in reply to WrestlingWithGod316 1 week ago 

Sasha Grey Behind The Scenes

I guess she had no relationship with her father, and so that is why she choose to be a whore. Part of me feels sorry for the young brunette. She is someones daughter, and is treated worse than an animal in camera, and millions pay and give her money to play that part.
She pretends "its OK and I like it" but that is not true. It is part of her public relations strategy to keep the cash flowing in.
She will find as countless do. Money is vain and worthless one day soon!
EF2000CanFly in reply to xxalisonleaxx 11 months ago

Sasha Grey porn star interview "9to5 Days in Porn"

i m not sorry for these girls nor do i judge them, if they wanted to wait tables they could have. but i remember what was on my mind when i was 18 and its VERY different from how i feel now. so things change. but i honestly cant say that i understand how anybody can be in this busyness... well, live and learn.
jelenablablabla 3 months ago

Sasha Grey - Neofeminist Brutalism

Whether you like how she looks or acts or not, whatever you think about her motivations and state of soul, she chose this way of expressing herself as the best for her at the moment. Nothing wrong about that. The prob is that she puts it in the public context of the porn industry. Her representation has nothing to do with self-empowerment, no matter how much you wish to by showing a bohemian taste. She confuses the privat and the public and ignores the responsibility that comes with the latter.
monlegionnaire 3 years ago 

Sasha Grey Reading Inferno

yeah bitch you are peace of trash u r preson on a cage has no keys its ur own self so go do something better dumpass
redshadow44 in reply to zepp1337 4 months ago 

Porn Star Sasha Grey Most Memorable Xmas Gift: Hockey Stick

who's the other girls?
Ap1nK 1 year ago

Porn Star Sasha Grey Interview

FilipePhoenix in reply to fabio363 1 year ago

SASHA GREY on Jesus Christ

the reason this girl doesn't want to believe in Jesus is because she wants do anything she wanted regardless it's a sin or not, so there's no boundary between it
then next day she thinks she lost conciousness in past time and wanna make it right, and start believing in mohammed and his islam, so she began wearing hijab and all shit... and that is more fucked up than before bitch
cleanse a sin is not about wearing hijab and pounding ur head on the floor and burning other nation's flag dumbass
TheAgung360 1 week ago

Sasha Grey on DJing and on aTelecine New Music 

Dude she's not a poser. They actually make legit drone music.
tetilt in reply to DGTHRE 2 months ago


Here is a theory:
what if sasha, or any pornstar for that matter used the money to help the poor, save lives, ect.
would they still be less moral than a clean person with a real job who contributes nothing?
just an alternate way of looking at it..
sTapleEVA in reply to Armond Riptoe 1 month ago 

Sasha Grey interviewed on the Red Carpet at Toronto International Film Festival
She is smart. But she's a whore. So she's not smart enough not to be a whore. But smart enough to be a bullshit artist about it. She gets fucked by random guys for money and it doesn't matter what books she reads or what she knows, she's still a whore, maybe a semi smart one.
a7241982 2 years ago

Sasha Grey PETA Ad

Ugh. This girl disgusts me. Porn stars have to rationalize their so-called "work" in an attempt to thwart criticism (in other ways, they claim to LOVE their "jobs" because they know very well how despicable they are). Most females who go into this "business" have been sexually assaulted, anyway...and how any man (or woman) can get off to that is completely beyond my comprehension. I'd like to believe that Peta would do a bit of research prior to facilitating the grossness adult "entertainment."
brittanyxxx 2 years ago

Sasha Grey Interview on Blowjobs and Deep Throating  

"Evil" is a purely subjective term. Don't use it, because you immediately discredit almost any and all of your arguments in doing so.
I'm just sayin'.
TheRavenholme in reply to SuperTruth77  2 weeks ago

Sasha Grey Inspired Makeup Tutorial!! "Space Bound" Music Video

I've been looking for a tutorial on how to do her dark eye makeup and her really dark and defined brows with a dramatic arch.
ksf1102 1 year ago


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