Saturday, 2 February 2013

British Murder Boys - Fist

Surgeon is the pseudonym of Anthony Child, an English electronic musician and DJ.
Regis (real name Karl O'Connor) is a British techno musician and record label boss. As label boss of Downwards Records, O'Connor, alongside his label-mate Surgeon (aka Anthony Child), forged a sound that blended Chicago house with darker European electronics. Although initially his plan was to take a "director of operations" role (he cites Daniel Miller has his greatest influence), O'Connor and his label partner Peter Sutton (aka Female) found it increasingly difficult to find artists to share their vision, and to this day still work with the same core artists.

HarderFaster: You’re probably been asked this hundreds of times, but where did the name The British Murder Boys come from? Whose brainchild was it?

BMB: From the shock-art Dadaist group of the same name. It came from one of Tristan Tzara’s manifestoes.

British Murder Boys at Emporium 2008

‘Fist’ is British Murder Boys at their most heads-down and hell-raising. A full-on techno death-trip, its ferocity goes hand-in-hand with a kind of jagged, front-loaded drum-funk, while in the background a dense collage of sonic shrapnel summons everything from bitter guerilla warfare to pseudo-mystical, Phurpa-style throat-singing. Once you’ve raved to this tune in a dark and sweaty basement, all other techno seems tame and toothless by comparison. All other techno is tame and toothless by comparison.
Tim Purdom

BMB comes back with a pounder that continues with an evolutionized sound, compared to their previous EP's. Just like before it's offbeat-techno. Sinister sounds and very unpleasent, that are BMB's trademark.
A side (Fist) - like someone is banging his/her fists against the wall on the beat of the music.
B side (Splinter) - like you just stepped into a splinter and feel very unpleasent, that's the feeling I have for this song.
Just like all the BMB records, worth buying!