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Snowy Red was the one-man electronic band of the former Chainsaw guitarist, Micky Mike. With the "Vision" LP and some tracks on the "The Beat Is Over" LP, Snowy Red was, for a brief moment only, a band. After the Belgian New Beat boom, Snowy Red called it quits and Micky Mike disappeared, only for the band to resurface again in 2004 as a duo (with a guitarist) at the Belgian Independent Music festival.

Micky Mike now is history:
He died in Bruxelles in May'2009 at the age of 52 years.

EBM pioneer Snow Red (aka Micky Mike) and the mysterious Carol made this melancholy and incredibly beautiful song. It eventually became a duet on Snowy’s Vision LP, but it’s this original and extremely rare seven-inch version that you need to own. The drum programming sounds like King Tubby, the synths like Joe Meek’s Telstar. One of my favourite records ever.
Richard Clouston

Troughout the eighties, Snowy Red was one of the most inspirated artist in Belgian electronic scene, master in minimal wave, related to outfits like Digital Dance or Tuxedomoon, and later initiator of the so called "New Beat" scene via the cult Antler-Subway label. 

This wonderful "Breakdown" 7", sung by the mysterious Carol, was concomitant with his debut album. Side A "Breakdown" is an unforgettable classic, that later reappearred many times under different versions, side B "So Low" is a true lost masterpiece.

How about a female vocalist for a change. Nice 7" written/composed by Micky Mike of Snowy Red fame. Hard to come by and pretty sought after I'm afraid. "So Low" is probably my favorite of the two nice tracks. Great/haunting synths. Enjoy.
Vanilla Face

Though mostly a solo project, Micky Mike sometimes worked with other notables from the minimal wave/post-punk Brussels movement. Niki Mono joined up with Mike in 1983 before going on to work with Winstong Tong and other members of Tuxedomoon and Minimal Compact. Not much is known about "Carol" who lent her vocals to one of Snowy Red's bigger hits, "Breakdown."

After the release of The Beat is Over in 1989, Snowy Red called it quits and Micky Mike disappeared, only for the band to resurface again in 2003 as a duo at the Belgian Independent Music festival.


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