Saturday, 30 March 2013

Yuck 'n Yum - OH, A ZINE FAIR! And other exciting things.‏

Hello lovely Yuck 'n Yummers,

There be a zine fair! It be happening tomorrow. (31/03) And you fine folk should come along. 

With lovely wares from further afield, through the nice chaps of Mille Putois and of Twenty Twelve zine. And exciting folk coming along from a bit closer to home; the lovely ladies of TYCI collective, the Dundee based Pitch + Strike collective and the ever awesome Superclub! YUUS! Just to name a few, come down and see the rest for yourself.

If this wasn't all enough to entice you along, the zine fair just so happens to be the launch of the first Yuck 'n Yum of 2013! This is the inaugural issue of our new cover artist Cos Ahmet - who is starting out in the most wonderful way possible. Come get a copy!

There's no reason not to come. Excuses will not be accepted!

We'll all be in the Empire State Coffee House, Dundee, tomorrow from 1pm til 5pm. Please do pop along and peruse the pretty paper and have some conversations with us.

 In other news;

Print fiend? CSI fanatic? Want to merge the worlds of print making and forensics? There's still plenty of time for you to get your proposals in for the Impact Residency. More details can be found over here. Is a super exciting project, merging mediums and collectives to make magic happen. Deadline is April 19th 2013. Any questions drop us an email or come have a chat at the zine fair.


You know that thing? That AGK thing? You know, the AGK? Well... Send us your videos?! Go on.

AND AND AND; dont forget to submit to the Summer issue! We have really good things planned for the YnY's summertime, get in on it. Mail us things. How can you resist Cliffs face?
You have right on up until June 7th 2013. Its our theme for a dream!

 Hopefully we'll see you all tomorrow!

Until then, warm wishes and love!
YnY team

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