Saturday, 4 May 2013

performingNOW! @ GENERATORprojects 04.05.13 - pictures

To the Generator this evening for performingNOW!, an open collaboration between artists working with performance and live art. I took a few photos and here they are:

Tom Wallace - Animation Compilation

Sophie Orton provides a joinery tutorial

Christian Nerf - Philanthropic Misanthropes

 Kate Clayton - Letters

performingNOW! aims to create spaces to show and develop performative work and connect with other artists in Dundee and beyond.

Ruth Aitken - The fundamentals of building up and tearing Down

Tara Chaloner and Claire Briegel - Guernica: working presence

Karen Spy - Anima re-claimed: a mindful action: Art Therapy

Holly Aitchison - Re-enactment

Ashley McNaughton

 Beth Savage - The Hunt

Peter McRae - The Man Stripped Bare By His Admirers, Even Occasional Dances No. 8

Morgan Cahn - (Breath)(Out)(Deep)(Freak)

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