Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson @ PROOF 30.08.13 playlist

To Dundee's Hannah Maclure Centre last night for PROOF, an exhibition of forensics-inspired work by the artist Beatrice Haines that evolved into a stop on the Crawl Inclusive tour. I played a mammoth 4 hours' worth of records, and here they all are. Clicking on the links will take you to the associated Discogs page for each release:

M.B. ‎– Neuro Habitat (Urashima) 
Anthony Child ‎– The Space Between People And Things (Part 1) (NNA Tapes)
Carter Tutti Void - V 1 (Mute)
Silent Signals – Waiting For Reaction (Das Drehmoment) ‎
Hieroglyphic Being - Rhythmes Circadiens (audioMER.)
Baris K – 200 (Nation)
Neon - Voices (Strut)
Cut Hands - Eat Them Like Bread (Downwards)
Chris & Cosey -  Fantastique (Carl Craig Mix) (T&B Vinyl) 
D'Marc Cantu ‎– Black Tears (Crème Organization)
Parris Mitchell - Follow Me Ghetto (Acid) (Dance Mania)
G Strings ‎– The Land Of Dreams (Seventh Sign Recordings)
M+M ‎– M+M Theme (Let's Pet Puppies) 
Les Aeroplanes -  Ils Disent Que L' Orient Est Rouge (Mathematics Recordings) 
Chip E. - Time To Jack (House Mix) (House Records) 
Sleezy D - Trust (Rush Hour Recordings)
Mutant Beat Dance ‎– New News Is Old News (Rong Music)
Marcus Mixx -  Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix) (Let's Pet Puppies) 
Helena Hauff ‎– Actio Reactio (Werk Discs) 
Hardheads - Only The Strong Survive (FFRR)
Farley Keith Williams – J.M.F. Groove (Rush Hour Recordings)
AFX -  PWSteal.Ldpinch.D (Rephlex)
Phuture – Rise From Your Grave (Music Man Records) 
Neville Watson – One Four Green (World Unknown)
Riz Ortolani Il Corpo Di Linda (Disco Promozionale)
Gladio - Fighting In The North (Mighty Robot Recordings)
Legowelt - A Cold Winters Day (Clone Jack For Daze Series)
101 - Rock To The Beat (Speed) 
Marina Rosenfeld - Hard Love (Room40)
The Parking Attendant - I've Heard It All Before (JTC Remix) (Crème Organization)
Mark Imperial & Co. - She Ain't Nuthin' But A Hoe (Dissin' All Hoes 46th Street Dub) (House Nation Records)
Stefan Blomeier - Dashing Through Tunnels (Lux Rec)

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