Friday, 30 August 2013

PROOF @ Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee

The blood is on the wall at the Hannah Maclure Centre. There’s also finger print powder, animated objects, and an installation that must be seen (truly on another wavelength), along with films and an invisible drawing. This residency has has been quite an inspiration for all involved, and if you want to see ‘Proof’ catch the exhibition while it is on as part of Print Festival Scotland. There is a reception Friday August 30 from 7-10:30 and Crawl Inclusive will be wending its way there as well. The opening hours continue Saturday and Sunday 10-5.

The residency was conceived by HMC and Yuck ‘n Yum and was supported by the School of Science, Engineering and Technology. Beatrice Haines worked alongside Dr. Kevin Farrugia  exploring his groundbreaking forensic research. Haines was able to use these visualisation techniques in Abertay’s forensic lab and in the DCA Print Studio to make her new work.

The exploration of traces left behind are a large part of Haines’ process. The catalyst for this was the death of her grandmother, the memory of whom she tried to hold on to by recording objects and traces; scuffs on the carpet, tea stains, strands of hair left in her comb. In most cases these once-cherished possessions are discarded, their history we can only guess at or imagine. Like the ex-possessions found in charity shops, objects left behind at crime scenes have been forgotten and rejected. In forensics, these possessions are treated with care and a sterile objectivity, while being poked, prodded, gassed, swabbed, and sprayed. The emotional weight of the object fades as the necessary scientific processes prevail. ‘Proof’ explores the loss of an object’s emotional value as it undergoes scientific treatment, extinction or demotion from home to scrap yard.

Creative Dundee feature

Print Festival Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland


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