Thursday, 22 August 2013

Yuck 'n Yum AGK TEASER 4

Here is what our 2011 winners, Lachlann Rattray and Joe Howe had to say about the AGK :

Lachlann: We had a lot of fun making our submission for the AGK, and the fun was doubled when we won! It brought us closer together during the production however our friendship soon fell apart when we had to make a decision about the winnings - I wanted to go to Alton towers but Joe wanted to invest the money back into our AGK business and improve our chances of producing future winning videos. I have no idea what he actually spent it on.

Joe: The clincher in the process was getting to dress up like Paul Simon. I'd been waiting some years to have a decent excuse to do this and I'm very happy that Yuck N Yum provided me with an opportunity. It really made all the intensive MIDI wrangling involved in making the music for this worthwhile! I practiced my bass, conga and saxophone solos for a long time before the final shoot and I think this is what gave us the winning edge on the night.

JOE'S TOP TIP: Encourage rolling about on the floor to your karaoke video. This will increase enjoyment and add an extra frisson of excitement to the proceedings.

LACHLANN'S TOP TIP : When adding in the lyrics be sure to show them on screen with enough time for the singer to read them and sing them. However having the lyrics perfectly match the song did improve my enjoyment of watching people struggle to sing along.

Lachlann is currently working on a collection of works entitled "Future living rooms of my future". All of Lachlann's drawings can be found here: Lachlann was also the lead developer on "The Gallery of Lost Art" and interactive exhibition commissioned by the Tate which won multiple awards, including an Interactive Art Award and last year's SXSW.

Joe is just about to hand in his thesis project for his Masters in Sound for the Moving Image, at Glasgow School of Art. As Ben Butler & Mousepad, he's due to release a new record on Paris's Sound Pellegrino label later this year. Joe's next projects include working on music and sound design for an second Opera, alongside director Santiago Blaum, in Berlin and a live performance with artists Annabel Frearson and Julia Scott at this year's Art Licks Festival in London. More at: 

AGK 2013 TEASER 4 from yucknyum on Vimeo.

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