Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A quick AGK update from Yuck 'n Yum‏

Dear Yuck 'n Yummers,

We are busy making the final arrangements for the AGK which is in less than two weeks, however we need your help.

We have set up an Indiegogo campaign and we would like to ask you to support us and spread the word. If you enjoy or have enjoyed any of our free events, including the last three AGKs or our free zines we urge you to donate, anything you can afford would be brilliant - However we do have some awesome perks up for grabs, including your own mini AGK brought straight to your door.  If you can’t afford anything, don't worry, we would like to kindly ask if you would spread the link amongst your friends.

AGK fundraiser from yucknyum on Vimeo.

The money raised from the Indiegogo campaign will help cover the cost of the building and installation of a screen, PA and technical equipment hire, documentation of the event and printing of the karaoke catalogue. Plus, not to mention, the cash prize of £300 and many more prizes announced on the night.  Yuck 'n Yum operates on a shoestring budget to deliver a year long programme of events alongside distribution of our zine and would be eternally grateful for any help.

Please visit our Indiegogo campaign here

Don't forget the AGK will be held as part of NEoN Digital art festival on the 9th of November.

Venue: Vision Building
Where: Greenmarket (just off the Perth road, beside Braes Bar)
Doors open 8:30 pm

We hope to see you there!!

Love from the Yuck 'n Yum team

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