Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Since 2010 the AGK has attracted the brightest and best artists from across Scotland and beyond,  all devising, directing and editing their own karaoke videos which are then performed on the night for an array of glittering prizes. It’s the Annual General Karaoke, a night where the videos are made especially for the event.

It’s a karaoke video competition!

Past AGKs have included dancing milk cartons, fake blood, stripping, screaming , floor rolling, drinking, smashed keyboards, women with moustaches, skeletons, and of course some lovely singing too!

For more information see here

Followed by NEoN's resident DJ RHL playing tech house and breaks.

Event information

Title: Yuck ‘n Yum’s AGK
 Vision Building
Where: Greenmarket
When: Saturday 9th November
Time: 8.30pm till late

Over 18s only. No booking required. 


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