Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Yuck 'n Yum - AGK lyrics on screen: A quick how to by YNY’s Andrew

Resident tech Andrew Maclean has some top tips and handy links for you to make your lyrics on screen. Remember the FREE deadline for this year’s AGK is the 14th of October!

Every year the issue of lyrics comes up and this year is no exception, a few folks out there are having some problems. REMEMBER You don't need to use bouncing balls or colour changes as long as the lyrics are on screen its cool.

Here are basic tutorials on how to add text for Final Cut , iMovie and AfterEffects.

However when doing it on FCP I prefer to layer two text tracks, two different colours. Then animate crop on the clip in the upper track and crop as the lyrics are sung. You need to keep audio scrubbing on to hear when to crop the upper text and reveal the higlighted colour. You will need to do this line for line and a lot of grunt work is required but you can save time by copy and pasting any repeated lyrics (as long as they are repeated to the same timing).

I have also been playing with the free TunePrompter program all morning and it seems simple enough … just follow the screen instructions… import tune copy and paste lyrics …sync by hitting space… make video then import that to whatever editing software you are using. However I would change to Quicktime in preferences to make it easier to overlay in your editing software.
TunePrompter is a free download, 100% safe and virus free from Softonic.

Fellow YNYer Morgan Cahn‘s top tip is to choose a famous karaoke classic and searched online for a karoake video …if it was text on a coloured background, rip it, then use the chroma key in your editing software to get rid of the coloured background and insert your video instead! You get the lyrics already sinked to tune, which means you can concentrates on the visuals!

I hope this has helped and if you have any top tips please join our AGK Helpdesk on Facebook and post them up! You can submit your video to the AGK by following this link.


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