Thursday, 10 January 2008


Extract from David Peace - Nineteen Eighty:

Leeds -
Wakefield deserted and barren, Leeds twice that hell and more -
A collision of the worst of times, the worst of hells -
The Medieval, the Victorian, and the Concrete:
The dark arches, black mists and broken windows of industrial decay, industrial murder, industrial hell -
Dead city abandoned to the crows, the rain, and the Ripper.
And today, this day:
Friday 12 December 1980 -
It looks no different than we remember, than we feared -
Dead spectre from a woken nightmare -
A past trapped in a future, here and now:
Friday 12 December 1980 -
Screaming in the wind -
A bloody castle rising out of the bleeding rain, a tear in the
landscape -
Leeds, the grim and concrete medieval:
Dead city -
The crows, the rain and the Ripper -
The Ripper, King -
The King of Leeds.

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