Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Reading over this 'review of the noughties' in today's paper, what's striking is how little good there is to say about most aspects of the world that it describes.

Music? Shite. TV? Shite. Celebrity? Don't care. Only the internet seems to have anything genuinely new and exciting to offer, from the evidence of this article anyway. It's the internet that provides all the news, information and opinion that's needed in the course of everyday life, and really the print edition is just there to read over breakfast and to prevent me from spilling coffee on my laptop.

I've had something of a spree on buying records over the past few days, in anticipation of a return to DJing duties shortly. There's also the recognition that (however temporarily) I'm a bit bored of disco, and feeling more inclined towards something a bit more abrasive and more, well, ACID.

New purchases:
Traxx - Mysterio / Juz Jak (feat James Cotton) (Nation of Jak)
Hadamard - A Prelude To Destruction (Bunker)
Sneak-Thief - G-String Orchestra (Klakson)
Marcus Mixx - Without Makeup (Let's Pet Puppies)
Kenny Dope - Jam The Mace (Tu Chicks)
Kenny 'Jammin' Jason & Fast Eddie Smith - Can U Dance

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