Sunday, 16 November 2008

Happy songs week, day one: Lisa - Rocket To Your Heart

I hereby dedicate this coming week to songs that spread happiness and cause me to smile involuntarily. I'll also post a few of the YouTube comments if they are any good....

trolley1950 (4 weeks ago)
omg italo/disco hot & sweaty men what more could you ask for in the 80s! thanks videobuff! i danced my ass off to this, great memories! love ya, glennaphonics

houseurbody (7 months ago)
My god!!! I have a clear blue vinyl import of this. Forgot all about how good disco was back then. Makes me want to bring out all my imports and 12 inch albums from when I use to play. Thanks for the flash back memories..made me cry of joy!

solitairstgt (10 months ago)
this song is soooo goes along with me for more than 20 is power, light and looove...mmmhhh...

vioskyy (10 months ago)
believe me im crying, id like time return back

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