Monday, 10 November 2008


To get this blog up and running once more, I'll post something I found at the Whitehouse forum:

From dennis coopers blog : "one of THE best Whitehouse live clips I've seen on the internet. Live at 2/6/2006 at Point FMR, Paris.
Choice excerpts from that show. An overview of the 16 minutes :
0:00-1:06: Philip Best performs Dans
1:07-2:40: Best performs Ruthless Babysitting
2:40-5:20: Bennett leaves his laptop and joins in, doing his vocals for Cruise. Best does his own vocals for Cruise afterwards
5:20-6:28: Philosophy improv
6:29-7:08: Philip doing his vocals for Cut Hands has the Solution
7:09-8:10: Bennett doing his vocals for Cut Hands
8:10-10:29: More improv
10:30-13:14: Band performs A Cunt Like You. Bennett does the worlds coolest dance moves at around the 10:50 mark.
13:15-14:17: Bennett performs Princess Disease
14:18-14:32: Bennett and best perform Why You Never Became a Dancer
14:33-end of clip: Movement 2000 instrumental ends the concert."

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