Sunday, 5 July 2009


To the openings last night. What follows is a few photos along with some bits from the press releases.

Solo artist Susanne Nielsen, collaborative duo Rob Hunter & John Louden, and art collective GANGHUT will exhibit side by side in three summer exhibitions at DCA. All have separate spaces but share certain sensibilities, and are all closely connected to the flourishing art scene in Dundee.

GANGHUT: Hands Across The Fire
GANGHUT are an artistic collective consisting of twelve artists who have studied or lived Dundee. They are renowned for their camaraderie and for their impressive building projects that transform spaces. As part of their exhibition of all-new work for DCA, 'Hands Across the Fire' features a central stage designed in collaboration with Edinburgh's Draw Architects, and artworks from each of the GANGHUT members. The exhibition will also feature signature Watch-towers within and outwith the gallery, a GANGHUT portfolio of prints, and a series of special events and impromptu happenings.

Rob Hunter and John Louden: It's Not You - It's Us (Medusa Complex)(Corridor of Doom)
Long time collaborators Rob Hunter & John Louden use the giant concourse space leading to DCA's galleries to show the one hundred portraits that make up 'It’s Not You - It’s Us'. The heads on show are from Rob and John's social network, and is an acknowledgement of a tight knit scene in Dundee. The portraits are all differently sized, individually coloured and with mirror eyes, in reference to the mirror that Perseus used to defeat Medusa in the Greek myth.

Susanne Nørregård Nielsen: Red Yellow Blue
Originally from Denmark but now based near Dundee, Susanne’s work for DCA plays with notions of botany and art history. 'Red Yellow Blue' brings a large glasshouse into DCA’s light filled gallery space, filled with flowers inspired by the nature works of Piet Mondrian. Surrounding the glasshouse will be work from Susanne’s other series including kites inspired by Kazimir Malevich and a stile that has previously been installed at the intersection of tall grasslands and a flower meadow. This exhibition delights in bringing the outdoors in.

Generator Projects Presents...
Laura Aldridge and Conal McStravick
Maison Domino
In this two person show Aldridge and McStravick will use Le Corbusier’s canonic principles for the organisation of modern(ist) domestic living, Maison Domino, as a ground from which to playfully engage with the possibilities for the deployment of form within the exhibition format, the use value of form within a given context.

After show party to be held at Dundee Indoor Bowling Club 9.30pm-1am

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