Friday, 17 July 2009

Self-Portrait Day: Objects of Desire

For a long time I've been a big fan of Dennis Cooper's blog, but have only recently started commenting and communicating with other users on there. I made a contribution to the current themed day, Self-Portrait Day: Objects of Desire. Here's what I put, and if you're not at work or easily shocked by depictions of nudity then you may like to see what the rest of it is like: LINK


Well, I suppose here's where I'm outed as a heterosexual. My objects of desire are selected according to a few archetypes:

Beatrice Dalle - Gothic Euro art-house beauty

Diana Dors - Traditional cheesecake pin-up

Louise Brooks - Chic with an air of scandal

Bizarre magazine (the original fetish version, not the modern lad-magazine rubbish)

I would also nominate the following music video: Rose - Magic Carillon

I suppose these all these choices each represent an image of a woman frozen in a specific moment in time, perfect, unobtainable and unknowable.

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