Monday, 16 August 2010


"I'm into really sick true-life crime. My dream is to go to prisons, real dark prisons where you see rapists, paedophiles, Hannibal Lecters, murderers. Yeah, absolutely. Get inside their brain, that's what I'm interested in. I'd love to be a detective like that, or, what are they called, a psychologist. Absolutely, that would be my dream job now. And autopsies, anything about that. I'd like to cut up bodies, I'd like to go to a murder scene and try and work out what's happened. I actually looked into how to be a detective, but you have to join the police force first. I looked, I actually looked last week. I'm so into it."

What is it she finds so fascinating? "The brain, how it works. I think it's really interesting."

Decca Aitkenhead, Katie Price: 'People think I'm not normal', The Guardian, Monday 16 August 2010

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