Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jute cafe bar music policy (draft)

Dear sir / madam,
Firstly, I write as a regular user of Jute cafe bar in Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre and do not mean to cause any offence or panic in contacting you. I have always enjoyed the facilities on offer and find both the building and the events to be absolutely top drawer. However, on numerous occasions over a number of years I have found my enjoyment to be severely curtailed and often completely ruined as a direct result of the music that has been played in the Jute cafe bar. Surely a "world-class centre for the development and exhibition of contemporary art and culture" (your words) should have a music policy that reflects the diverse, sophisticated and contemporary tastes of the Dundee cultural elite. Instead we hear a selection of mediocre, mass market and frankly dispiriting tripe: Snow Patrol, Maroon 5, Amy Winehouse and Jamiroquai. These are but a few of the atrocities that it has been my repeated displeasure to endure. This bar is not Top Shop but a blind person would be pushed to tell the difference. Anywhere else with a claim to credibility would go to the trouble of venturing beyond the top 40 album rack at Dundee HMV. I am by no means a "hipster" but standards must surely be upheld.
I sincerely hope the DCA can resolve this matter with great urgency. If not then blood will be shed.
Yours sincerely
Mr Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson

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