Sunday, 26 June 2011

ideal home exhibition

I moved into my new flat a few weeks back, and here's a tour round the collection of objets d'art:

Ben Robinson - Object in Blacklight Poster Graphics III

Exhibition poster for L'expo qui rend fou H.P. Lovecraft et le Livre de Raison at Maison d'Ailleurs, Switzerland

Louise Robinson - Ghost Train

Polish poster for Mulholland Drive

Ben Robinson - Isidore Ducasse Memorial Plaque

Assorted books and records

Bragolin - Crying Boy

Ben Robinson - Modern Lovers

Ben Robinson - Modern Lovers II

Assorted books and records

Davin Watne - R is for Ruin

Philip Best - Shasta V

Louise Robinson - Promenade

Pierre et Gilles - Marc Almond

Ben Robinson - Eternal Return (Jordan 'n Jodie)

Valerie Norris - Don't Come On So Groovy

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