Saturday, 25 June 2011

Yuck 'n Yum summer 2011 launch @ Superclub, Edinburgh + Zazou @ Kage nightclub, Dundee 24.06.11

A bumper picture special featuring the new Yuck 'n Yum zine launch at Edinburgh's Superclub, plus the latest installment of Zazou with arcane 80s disco/wave/electro sorcery:

Superclub studios

DJ Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson rocks the box

AGK promo

Get your video submissions in to the AGK, deadline is August 15th!

DJ Bob's Cassette Hour

Superclub front of shop

The Edinburgh art massive

Art, knowledge and free stuff

Zazou DJs Il Discotto and Stefan Blomeier

Your correspondent

Scary Ross is scary

DJ Poupée Flash

People, dancing

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