Sunday, 3 July 2011

AGK video makers Q+A 1

The Yuck 'n Yum AGK 2011 is bearing down fast, so this blog will intermittently become a spot for promoting it. We've been using the artist networking site Central Station to do just this, and here begins a series of features that advise how to make the perfect AGK video:

We hope you are all busy with you AGK projects! Over the next few weeks, we will be posting some questions and answers with last years AGK video makers! First up Richie Cummings chats about the 2010 AGK vid he made with Stacey Hunter and Ross Mclean:

Can you briefly explain the video that you made last year?

It's the Cheers title music relocated to a popular Dundee waterin hole,

How did you decide upon your chosen track?
It was short, (less photography, editing and singing time) we could get folk involved easily, everyone knows it.

How did you make it? What hardware /software did you use?

Imovie and a digital slr. Tune ripped from the internet

Did you use the actual song as a soundtrack or another version?
Another version.

What technique did you use to add text?

imovie inbuilt text thing, Its a bit shit

Did you perform the song on the night? How did it go?

Yup, it was AMAZINGLY average and over before we new it. We probably should have practiced.

Did you have any technical problem making your video? How did you overcome this?

Nope because it was made as basically as possible.

Did you enlist any help?

yup, everyone in it helped. Ross Fraser Mclean took the shots, Stacey Hunter helped with the organisation and we got our 'models' through making an event on facebook and grabbed a couple of folk from the bar to be in it too.

Are you entering again this year?

Yup, planning to but we'll see how it works out. Its slightly more appropriately inappropriate this year and a lot more complicated and I still cant work final cut.....

Any tips on how to make an AGK vid?

bash on


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