Wednesday, 6 July 2011

AGK video makers Q+A 3

Here's another of the Yuck 'n Yum features on Central Station that reveal how you too can make the perfect AGK video:

Don't want to sing in public? You can still enter a karaoke vid! The AGK audience is encouraged to pick and sing a song from our karaoke agenda, just like traditional Karaoke.

Unfortunately Alex Hetherington could not make it to last year's event, but we had some eager volunteers on the night to sing to his video! Alex kindly answered some questions for us:

Can you briefly explain the video that you made last year?

This was material from ongoing work, and bore a relationship to the songs which I had been using as an influence on my work. Also it was suggested that I use Toni Basil's piece by a member of Yuck 'n Yum.

How did you decide upon your chosen track?

I liked the combination of the two songs which seemed to bear a kind of dysfunctional relationship.

How did you make it? What hardware /software did you use?

Premiere CS 4

Did you use the actual song as a soundtrack or another version?

I used the actual songs.

What technique did you use to add text?

I used a caption generator in Premiere.

Any tips on how to make an AGK vid?

To make a work that has a social aspect. That is a song that for whatever reason everyone knows, eg. Don't You Want Me by The Human League.


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