Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yuck 'n Yum's Andrew Maclean @ Central Station

Yuck 'n Yum's founder Andrew Maclean has written a blog over at Central Station:

I produced the first 3 copies of Yuck 'n Yum on my own. In 2008 I invited artists Ben Robinson and Gayle Meikle to help take my ‘bedroom’ zine from an ad-hoc form to a fully fledged quarterly artzine. Yuck ‘n Yum grew into what it is now, a curatorial collective focused on the distribution of art. Our team expanded to include curator Alexandra Ross and Edinburgh based artist Alex Tobin.

Yuck ‘n Yum provides opportunities for artists. We encourage people to make things and show things. Of course one method is our quarterly artzine another is our events.

I do get excited as we approach our deadlines. I am looking forward to the 15th of August more than Christmas! That is the day I will have all your submissions to our AGK. YES, YOU!

It's you I'm talking to. Yes, you... the one with the face. You don't want to ruin Christmas, do you? I thought not.

Last year rather than having an AGM Yuck 'n Yum had an AGK (Annual General Karaoke). We invited artists, filmmakers, performers, musicians and other creative folk to submit Karaoke videos that were then performed on the night.

Last year's event saw over 20 artists contribute to our agenda. Many interesting points were raised. You can view them all on our website

When you're making your video, you must remember it has to function as a Karaoke video. By all means push it to the limits, but make sure there is audio to sing along to, and lyrics appear in some form to give the performer a fighting chance! Many who submit insist that they sing to their own video; others are terrified at the prospect. This is fine - Yuck 'n Yum caters for both persuasions.

Every time a video is submitted, an angel gets its wings! If your video is super-terrific there's a chance you could be awarded the £300 cash prize. That put a smile on that face of yours!

On September 24th in Chambers East, Dundee, the second AGK will take place. Your video will be shown and performed to - if not by you, then by someone else. You may be up £300 by the end of the night!

I have to go now; I need to update our Central Station group, where you can ask for help or share tips and advice!

Oh yes - and if you don't submit... I WILL DESTROY YOU.

Andrew Maclean


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