Friday, 13 March 2009


Extract from Iceberg Slim, Pimp:

I opened my eyes. I saw glinting stars of dust whirling like a golden hurricane through a bright shaft of noon sun. I looked through the open bedroom door. I saw the runt sitting at the livingroom window. She was doing her nails. She lifted her eyes from her nails. She looked into the bedroom.
I said, 'Good morning, li'l freak puppy. I'm gonna call Silas to run across the street for ham and eggs. Are you hungry?'
She said, 'Yeah, I'm hungry, but the way he moves around it would take him a week to cop. I'll slip on something and go myself.'
She went to the closet and slipped on her blue poplin rain-or-shine coat. She took a fin off the dresser and held it up for my consent.I nodded my head. I heard the door shut when she went out.
I lit a cigarette. I thought , 'I wonder if Melody has the heat looking for me. I've only got a day or so left before Glass Top takes me to Sweet Jones. I'm gonna cool it. I'll stay right here in the hotel until Top calls me.'
The phone rang just as the runt came through the bedroom door. She put the plates wrapped in wax paper on the dresser. She picked up the receiver. I got up, took my plate and started to eat with a plastic fork.
She said, 'Hello. Oh, Chuck, how are you, sweetie? I was just thinking about you, lover. No, I can't. I wish I could come out for a few drinks, but my brother won't be home from work until six. Mama's not well at all. I have to stay here during the day to take care of her. I could slip out around seven. Yeah, I could do that until eight for twenty. Bye, bye, sugar blue eyes.'
She hung up the phone and her coat. She sat naked on the side of the bed eating.
I said, 'Bitch, I got an idea for that cat of yours. You gotta take a stiff brush and brush the hair straight down every time you think about it. Put some hair grower on it until you got a four-inch cone. Your tricks will pant to bury their beaks in it. It will make your cat unique with that extra dimension.'
She mumbled, 'Where on earth did you get a jazzy idea like that?'
I said, 'Bitch, ain't you hip yet? I'm a pimp with great imagination, that's all.'

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