Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Writing week, day one: RAYMOND ROUSSEL

As I've another seven days left in Leeds without a good deal of stimulus I hereby dedicate this coming week to a selection of writers whose work I admire. Each day will feature a picture, a short extract and a link or two.

"It’s you, my Gillette … They haven’t killed you … You’re here … next to me … Speak, my darling."

And between these broken phrases, the fragment of the word, which he constantly reproduced, returned again and again, like a response.

Speaking in hushed tones, Canterel led us quietly away, so as to allow this salutary crisis to run its course in peace.

From Locus Solus, translation Mark Ford

Raymond Roussel Wikipedia page

Jerome Boyd Maunsel, The Book I Read, Frieze magazine

William Clark, A Lovely Curiosity, Variant magazine

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