Thursday, 22 November 2007


Yes sorry, a post about football.

Really not doing a right lot today, just sitting around going over the postmortems of last night's disastrous England game. As an ex-pat I often have to endure accusations of gloating, snobbery and big-headedness, which I would dispute. Any England supporter I know would be the first to admit that their national team is shite. The players are a shower of overpaid hyped-up bling merchants incapable of all sitting on the same bus, never mind playing together as a team. I can't remember it ever being any other way, and only a few employees of the BBC sports department would argue any different.

In other non-football-related news, reading Wuthering Heights (for the first time, shamefully enough), sorting out more records to sell on eBay, and still putting off looking for a proper job.

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