Saturday, 10 November 2007

Internal Affairs

Declaring her interest in "the social and psychological implications of designed spaces", Katie Orton filters this fixation through a look inspired by the heroes of 20th century Modernism. Father figures Picasso and Matisse are slyly domesticated and their motifs lovingly rendered using the materials of handicraft. 'Internal Affairs', her solo show at Dundee's Generator Projects artists' space, presents a substantial display of work created while undertaking the RSA residency at Hospitalfield House. Large scale paintings depict interiors abstracted with touches of bawdily humourous figuration. One such scene of orgiastic coupling is contained within an angular configuration (Analysing the Polyhedron), while sculptures show subservient females emphasising their elegance (Waitress, Proud Cleaner). Elsewhere we see the interiors of a pool hall and a 'Design for Mental Health Centre Floor'. Wandering onto the stage set for a Cocteau play, as enacted by a repertory group populated by the local crafts guild, is one way of putting it. There is however only the most assured of touches on display here.

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