Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The complete WILLO THE WISP

Listing for Thursday's Cine Salon:

A weekly display of hidden or neglected facets of the magic lantern.
The finest wines and cheeses shall be served. Don't miss!

3 Springfield, Dundee
Thursday 29th November, 9pm

Featuring the voice of comedy legend Kenneth Williams.

An exclusive screening of all 26 episodes!

Willo the Wisp is the name of a British cartoon series produced in 1981. Kenneth Williams provided voices for all of the characters. These included:

* Willo the Wisp, the narrator. A blue floating ghost-like creature, Willo had a long pointed nose which caricatured that of Williams.
* Arthur the caterpillar (as a gruff cockney).
* Mavis Cruet, a plump fairy with erratic magical powers.
* Evil Edna, a witch in the form of a walking, talking television set who could zap people with her aerial.
* Carwash, a snooty bespectacled cat (as Noel Coward).
* The Moog, a brainless dog.
* Twit, a small bird.
* The Beast, who began life as a dim prince before an unfortunate encounter with Edna ended up with his transformation into a hairy shambling creature.

The series was written and directed by Nick Spargo of Nicholas Cartoon Films.
It was produced by Nicholas Cartoon Films in association with the BBC and Tellytales Enterprises.
The stories were set in Doyley Woods, a small beech wood in Oxfordshire near the director's home.
Each of the 26 episodes lasted 5 minutes and was broadcast at 5.35 in the evening on BBC1.

Amazon.co.uk customer review:
In recent years, there has been much discussion as to whether The Sopranos, or perhaps The Wire, can claim to be The Greatest Television Ever Made.
They can't, wonderful as they are. It is a little known fact that the high-point of art on the small screen was reached in 1981, right here in the UK. And this is it.
Nothing, (I find), is quite as sublime as watching The Moog exclaim
"My name is The Moog. And I...Am...An...Elephant!!!"
Kenneth Williams was a genius and this is, oddly enough, probably his finest legacy. Delicious.

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