Monday, 12 November 2007


The NEON publicity machine clicks into gear, and I've been up early to do the college. Now about 8.30am is really peak flyering time, after the cleaners have gone but before students and rival posters have started to appear. Prime position is top of the stairs by the main entrance, and on a lovely sunny day like today whatever is posted there catches the light and is illuminated beautifully. Really I anticipate Friday's event to be super hard rocking, as there's a DCA show opening, a student art event on down Roseangle gallery who've been offered discounted tickets, and the only other show in town is the Reading Rooms whose drab promo material is put to shame by the luminous NEON owl. I also chanced upon a doodle by Gil on the back of one of our flyers; blown up to A3 it looks brilliant, and provides a cheaper alternative for when the colour material runs out.

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