Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Bon anniversaire

Ironic that I'm able to keep a plentiful supply of Champagne flowing as host of the Salon, yet still I need to sell used CDs to Groucho's in order to keep the wolf from the door. Just one of the quirks of getting Markys vouchers as bonus payment I suppose.

So the schedule for tomorrow (my birthday, as it happens)...

8.30am - Put the only remaining poster up in the college
9.00am - Sell yet more CDs to Groucho's, probably earning £20 for various iconic Krautrock albums that never get listened to
9.15am - Sign in, late, for overtime at the call centre
12.00pm - Buy a posh packed lunch from Marks & Spencer's
1.00pm - Get the train to Edinburgh, maybe call in at a couple of galleries
5.00pm - Go see William Bennett's lecture at the university
7.00pm - Get the train back to Dundee
9.00pm - Host the Cine Salon, enjoying the finest Champaigne and cheeses

Remainder of the week should be great, promising all sorts of thrills and spills..

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