Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Servant

"I think everyone should have their favourite director tattooed on their arm. Wouldn't that make dating easier? If somebody had Henry Jaglom, I wouldn't date 'em! I'd get Joseph Losey tattooed on mine."
John Waters

So here I sit enjoying some expensive Marks & Spencer's wine, watching The Servant. I really cannot recommend this film highly enough, directed by Joseph Losey and scripted by Harold Pinter. It was recommended to me at college by my tutor Sarah Tripp, who saw in it a number of things of particular interest to me and my 'work'. Power relationships, class, Englishness, camp. It is pitiless in its depiction of all of these. It had been earmarked for the Salon, but it's really too subtle to appreciate in a situation involving alcohol. Oh well.

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