Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Here is a list of 20 books @ DC's

I often comment on Dennis Cooper's superlative blog DC's. This week he requested that readers and distinguished locals nominate their favourite books. What follows is my own list, but I heartily recommend you follow these 'ere links to discover what others chose:

Day 1: LINK
day 2: LINK

Here is a list of 20 books.

Dante – Inferno

William Blake – The Complete Illuminated Books

Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Marquis de Sade – Justine

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein

Comte de Lautréamont – Maldoror

Jean Genet – Our Lady of the Flowers

Jean Rhys – Good Morning Midnight

Unica Zürn – Dark Spring

Salvador Dalí – The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí

JG Ballard – The Atrocity Exhibition

Gordon Burn - Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son: The Story of the Yorkshire Ripper

Bob Flanagan – The Pain Journal

Andrea Dworkin – Heartbreak

RE/Search – Industrial Culture Handbook

Adam Parfrey (editor) – Apocalypse Culture

Sylvere Lotringer - Overexposed: Treating Sexual Perversion in America

Mike Kelley – Foul Perfection: Essays and Criticism

Peter Sotos – Comfort and Critique

Dennis Cooper - Closer

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