Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stefan Blomeier - The Danish Straits

"There is little known about the artistic persona of Stefan Blomeier. His recent music release Popular Electronics II / Radio Astronomy Research Laboratory Of Electronic Progress has given his persona something of a minor cult status and only increased the flow of rumours around the artist behind it.
In the run-up to the Netaudio commission for new works, a close associate of Stefan has released the following statement:
Early morning. Alone in the centre of an empty Aalborg traffic island, Stefan Blomeier listens to the cars in the distance. He hopes their humming might crowd out his past, smoothing over the angry dissonance. Far too much is at stake here. At moments like these, his memories are all cartoons and his achievements all computer games, and yet it is beautiful. Stefan Blomeier has never felt more alive than he does at this split-second pause-button image-capture video-tape freeze-frame."

Stefan Blomeier @ _B_A

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