Thursday, 27 March 2014

ART101 preview

ART101 is an actual thing, a YouTube channel that's due to launch sometime in 2014. What follows  is my interview with Art in Scotland from January with a compendium of clips and images: 

Dundee based artist Ben Robinson introduces his project ‘ART101‘, a YouTube channel created by Ben as a response to the government’s discussions to get rid of art education. Ben pitched his idea of an arts channel to the Dundee Visual Artist Award, and won thus helping him kickstart the project.

Art 101:
Written and directed by Ben Robinson
Performed by Morgan Cahn
Editing and FX by Andrew Maclean

Sequence 01 1 from Ben Robinson on Vimeo.

Sequence 02 from Ben Robinson on Vimeo.

Sequence 03 from Ben Robinson on Vimeo.

Sequence 04 2 from Ben Robinson on Vimeo.

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