Saturday, 24 May 2014

Self-Portrait Day: The international male escort impersonators of DC's *

* in which volunteers amongst the commenters and readers of DC's were assigned pre-existing escort photos and given the standard template of an escort profile and asked to invent therewith.

Below is my contribution to today's Self Portrait Day at DC's blog. Needless to say, this and every other SP are very much NSFW:  

Le Chat Noir, 34

I am but a space, a void, an abyss. Oh please, I just need someone to fill this emptiness with feelings for a second. You see, that way I can pretend I exist. I’ll be whatever you want me to be and I’ll play whatever role you like. I'm begging you, please give meaning to the empty chasm that yawns inside me. No time wasters.

Dicksize S,M,L or XL
Position Versatile
Kissing Consent
Fucking Flexible
Oral Easy
Dirty Ask
Fisting Active/Passive
S&M No entry
Fetish Negotiable
Client age No restrictions
Rate hour ask
Rate night ask

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